A Latte with Literati- Chandra Sundeep

In this new episode of A Latte with Literati, meet Chandra Sundeep, a bibliomane and a writer. Her website, Wordsopedia, features several fantastic book reviews. Chandra also writes fiction and has contributed to multiple short story anthologies. Moolah!, Dipped In Love, and Tea With A Drop of Honey to name a few. Chandra is an avid reader from the age of 10. She believes that reading makes a great writer.

Book Review: Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale

Milk Teeth is a novel for people who are nostalgic. People who often wistfully remember their childhood, the places they lived, and the people they met. Set in Matunga, Bombay, Milk Teeth revolves around the lives of three protagonists-Ira, Kaiz, and Karthik. The novel is all about their deeply personal experiences and their responses to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Bombay Balchao

Book Review: Bombay Balchao If you are looking for a heart-warming read during these tough times, I would recommend Bombay Balchao. I think it's the best contemporary fiction I have read in recent times. (If you are wondering what the name means, Balchao is a special Goan prawn pickle)

A Latte with Literati-Japneet Kaur

Meet Japneet Kaur, a buzzfeed featured book blogger and the owner of the popular bookstagram handle, millennial_reader. She is obsessed with books, tea, and junk jewelry. She loves nature and food and is on a journey to explore the world through narratives. Being an INFP-T personality type, she find solace in books, and nature. She loves South Asian Fiction. So, without much ado, let's dive into the world of Japneet Kaur!

A Latte with Literati–Mugdha Mahajan

Mugdha Mahajan aka @confuzzledreader is a book reviewer from Punjab, India. She is 24 years old and currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy. Her favorite things to do are reading, sleeping, eating and studying. She loves food and exploring new places to eat. She has a very interesting routine – her day starts around 2:00 P.M and end at 6:00 A.M 😊 She hails from a joint family with two siblings. She also loves painting and face art. She often combines her love for face art and reading to create beautiful book review posts on Instagram. Mugdha was featured on Buzzfeed, among the list of top bookstagrammers from India. Being an introvert, it takes her a long time to open up to people, but her bookstagram account helped her gain confidence.

Book Review: Everything Changed After That: 25 Women, 25 Stories

Everything Changed After That, is an anthology of the 25 winning stories from eShe short story contest in 2020. It is published by Embassy books. As the name of the book suggests, it revolves around the theme 'a life changing event'. All the stories in this book has done justice to the theme. They have done much more. Most of the stories in this book are women-centric, women from various strata of life. This book is also about bonding between women. In more than a dozen of stories, I could spot women trying to help other women. I think that's something I want to think about on this women's day. Women, as a collective group has immense strength to help each other and enrich each other's lives.

A Latte with Literati – Muskan Rajani

Meet Muskan, a Buzzfeed featured bookstagrammer from Indore. At the tender age of twenty years, she manages her studies, work and reading. She is a bibliophagist by choice, a bibliovert by nature and a writer by passion. This is how a friend might describe her, 'She can talk about the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in one breath. Finds her solace in random words strung together, blinded by a jacket that makes you think. Makes absurd decisions and struggles to find perfect endings.' She loves hosting book clubs, readathons, readalongs, anything that she can do to promote reading.

Tadka Chai – A Short Story

The tea followed her wherever she went. Every day, she wakes up at quarter to five and makes a cup of tea. She does it quietly, without waking up the household. While the tea brews, she stares at the window. The world outside is uncharacteristically dark and silent. By the time she finishes pouring the tea into a mug, the clock in the living room strikes five.

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