One Line At a Time

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January 5, 2022

Whenever I set out to do something, be it writing or any other work, I often consider it in its entirety. I imagine that perfect final product, and immediately, anxiety grips me. Suddenly, I start torturing myself with questions – do I have the ability to do it? How much time would it take? How am I figuring things out? Will it be as good as I want it to be? Many a time, I drop the project even before I start it, as I am afraid of the huge undertaking.

However, during last year, I learned something quite important. The power of taking one day at a time. People have been practicing it for ages, but it’s only recently I learned it. When I sit down to write something intimidating, I try not to think and get anxious about the final product. Instead, I take it one chunk at a time. Sometimes it might be just a paragraph or even a line. Sometimes, it might be a single word. But, I keep adding to the work, one tiny piece at a time. Whatever I completed in 2021, I have done using this method.

Especially in writing, I’ve realized that this method works perfectly. If you are finding it difficult to write, maybe due to the lack of time or a due really bad writer’s block, try to break it into chunks. Promise yourself that you’ll never worry about the story/article in its entirety. Instead, work on it steadily, a small chunk at a time. There may be great days, there may be pathetic days, but all those days are counting towards the final product. All you need to have is the discipline to work at it steadily and the trust in your ability to put together the pieces. Sometimes, you’ll be amazed to see that the sum is much more than its parts.

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