Renewal of Vows

Image: Canva

This is the first mail I came across when I got up today morning.

“we’re saying no despite admiring the quality of your submission. It had reached all the way to our editorial table. For what it’s worth, one editor said “This is very cool. There were a few bits that could use some tightening, I think, but overall it works very well.””

I don’t know how to feel reading this rejection mail from a top lit mag. I am glad that the magazine found it interesting, and I understand they receive hundreds of stories. Mine might not have suited them in some way. But, it’s difficult to relish the appreciation when it accompanies a rejection.

So I thought I will renew the vows I made to myself when I choose writing career in 2018.

Having the opportunity to get up everyday and write is fantastic. No matter who reads my words, or what success I achieve, I get to write everyday, that itself is the reward.

I shall be patient. I will stick to writing for the rest of my life. Success will never be the measure of my commitment.

All the years I write, I will polish my craft. I will never say no to learning.

I understand I am signing up for a life of uncertainty, both financially and growth-wise. But, that’ Ok. As long as I am not pretending to be someone I am not, as long as I do what I love, I can live with the uncertainties.

I had once lost my touch with my creativity and it lead me to a lot of agony. Now that I have got a second chance at it, I will never let it go.

Bottom line is: I will not wither away as a writer who wrote a bit and then gave up. I shall persist, no matter how many years it takes to polish my craft. I am here to tell stories, and I will, till the end of my life.

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