The Dread and Thrill of Creativity

October 25, 2021

Every time I start a new short story or an article, I get anxious. I start asking myself many questions – Am I good enough to write this? Will this be a disaster? Will I be able to convey what I wanted? Even after writing so many short stories and hundreds of articles, fear grips me when I am about to start a new one. I think this dread is a part of the creative process. Producing something new is an unpredictable task. The result could be anything. Sometimes I have written fantastic stories (at least, I think so 😊). Sometimes, I have written bad stories. But when you start out, you don’t know what you will end up with.

So, you might wonder why I keep writing despite this not-so-comfortable experience. As soon as I finish the first draft, a kind of relief replaces the fear. With every draft and edit, the dread turns into a thrill. Sometimes you don’t believe you created something so wonderful. A creative endeavor is much more than the sum of its parts.

Yes, I start my stories with a lot of doubt and anxiety, but I have learned that they will take shape magically. Sometimes it feels a story writes itself. It evolves in ways that I had never expected it to be. The characters take life, and they drive the story forward. I think this thrill of uncertainty is the biggest reward of a creative life.

Have you experienced this or anything similar? I am really curious to know.

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