Creativity is Present Continuous

October 19, 2021

I know, I know. Creativity isn’t a verb. But, in the past three years, I have learned that creativity is something that exists in the present moment. Let me explain it. When I started full-time writing in 2018, I had this grand picture of myself in my head. Me, writing away in a lonely cafe, like Earnest Hemingway did (minus the wine of course đŸ˜‰ ). I had this image of myself as a famous writer, making a truckload of money writing fiction (haha). “Look, it’s that famous writer!” people will murmur when I enter a room. Then I realized all these images are bullshit. No, I am not bitter after receiving 9999 rejections (just kidding, I have only got 9998 so far).

In the past three years, I have realized that creativity is not about a glorious future. It’s not about becoming famous or rich either (Will you recognize Abdulrazak Gurnah if you come across him? Here’s the spoiler: He’s the 2021 Nobel laurate for literature) So, the point is, being a writer or creative person is not about a glorious destination full of money, fame or narcissism. It’s about the present moment, the joy of discovering something, the joy of doing something different. It’s a way of living everyday life, and it’s not just about being artistic.

I realize that I have encountered creativity while I was an engineer, just like I encounter it being a writer. Even now I have that glorious image of me being a superstar writer but it has taken a back seat. I no longer worry about where I will see myself in another ten or twenty years (I can’t even decide what I should cook for breakfast tomorrow. duh!) I have embraced this fact – every moment of creativity is precious. Living a creative life is the reward in itself. It’s not only about creating art or writing stories. It’s about solving problems differently (for example, I told my daughter that she can have Yoda as a pet if she eats her breakfast).

Creativity is about innovating things, having a feeling of fulfillment. That’s why I feel creativity is present continuous.

Salini Vineeth

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