Book Review: Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert

A great book for anyone who wants to lead a creative life.

There have been days when I sat in front of the blank page struggling to write even a line. There have been days of creative inspiration and prolific writing. There have been days when I worried that I have nothing more to write, or whatever I write is not good enough, or ever be. I am sure anyone who attempts to do something creative, be it writing, arts, music, or any other form of creativity has gone through these emotions. Often, it’s difficult to cope with the doubt, fear and uncertainties associated with creative life. If you are going through any such emotions, Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘ Big Magic’ will definitely help you. It was suggested by my dear friend and fellow-writer, Kasturi Patra. I started reading it immediately. I couldn’t stop reading it as I felt the book was talking to me directly. Ms. Gilbert talks about courage, persistence, attitude, curiosity, and determination one needs to lead a creative life.

Even though this book is maily from a writer’s perspective, anyone who wants to lead a creative life will find it useful. I am not a big fan of self-help books. Even though Big Magic comes under this category, it didn’t feel like the author is dishing out wisdom to a disconnected audience. Gilbert mostly talks about her experiences and struggles. So, it felt like I was listening to a mentor. I am sure I will revisit this book many times, to draw inspiration.

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