‘Superwomen’? No, Thank you.

Before our timelines start flooding with stories of ‘superwomen’ on this International Women’s Day, here’s something I want to remind all women out there.

You are a woman, but primarily you are a human being. On this women’s day, don’t fall for any other tags. When they say women have patience like the earth, what they want is your silence. When they say, women are the pillar of the family, what they mean is, you are responsible for doing all the chores. When they say you are a supermom, what they mean is, you are not allowed to make mistakes in raising your child. Don’t fall for any such tags. Stop thinking that the responsibility of an entire household is on your shoulders. Stop feeling guilty for not being able to make ‘delicious’ meals three times a day. Stop feeling apologetic for ‘burned rotis’ or ‘too much salt.’ Stop feeling like a failure if your house isn’t neat and tidy – it’s not your responsibility alone. Stop obsessing about your ‘biological clock’ – marriage and babies are your choices not obligations. On this women’s day, take an oath to be kind to yourself, take care of yourself and your dreams. On this women’s day, let go of that obsession to show the world that you are a woman who got everything under control – your home, your emotions, your career. On this women’s day, stop trying to fit under the tag ‘superwoman.’ You are a human and you don’t need to be a domestic goddess. You have not an ounce more obligation than any other ‘human’ out there.

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