The Shoe That Fits

The world is like a shoe-shop.

There are only fixed sizes.

You must be a four, a six, an eight or a ten.

You go in to the shop and search for a shoe that fits you like a charm,

You may get shoes which you can manage, but may not  get the perfect fit.

You might search in a few more shops but still not get the one that you were searching for

You are exhausted by searching, and says “how does it matter? the shoe bites will eventually subside…”

You might search for so long, that people start asking – “How long you are going to search?”

Your bare feet starts paining and you think you can’t wait forever for the right shoe that fits.

Time is running out and you get alarmed and decides to go with whichever you can manage.

You might like to wear flip-flops but you are afraid – “what people might think?”

Hence you go for that fancy pin heel shoes that everybody else approves, except your feet.

Your feet hurts in the wrong shoes and it may not get better with time, still you think – “why change?”

You don’t realize if you had pushed a little more, you could have found that perfect fit.

Even if you realize, you don’t care or don’t dare,

Hence is the world where every one walks in somebody else’s shoes, and wonder what is wrong with my feet?


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