The Writer’s Journey

One Line At a Time

If you are finding it difficult to write, maybe due to the lack of time or a due really bad writer’s block, try to break it into chunks. Promise yourself that you’ll never worry about the story/article in its entirety. Instead, work on it steadily, a small chunk at a time.

The Right to Choose a Creative Life

October 27, 2021 When I was working as an engineer, I wrote as a hobby. I squeezed in whatever time I could get over the weekends and wrote stories and travelogues. It felt quite normal and it went on like this for 7 years. I was earning my living and using my free time for… Continue Reading →

Creativity is Present Continuous

I have embraced this fact – every moment of creativity is precious. Living a creative life is the reward in itself. It’s not only about creating art or writing stories. It’s about solving problems differently.

To Call Thyself a Writer

December 2, 2021 When I was working as an engineer, I had no trouble telling people, “I am an engineer.” I didn’t bother much about my track record as a successful engineer. I didn’t feel the necessity to have done some awesome projects or innovations. But, when I turned to full-time writing, I came across… Continue Reading →


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