Day 6: Roadkill – Part 1

I am lying on the side of the NICE road. The chilly, Bangalore wind rolling onto my carcass. It passes through the hollows where my heart, lungs, and kidneys once had been. Every breeze brings up the miasma of rotten flesh mixed with formaldehyde. I remember my undersized grave, and about all those years, I... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror

I am very excited to announce that my flash fiction story Mirror, Mirror made it's way into the long list of the Australian Writer's Center Furious fiction contest. It's a worldwide contest for short story writers, happens every month. They had received almost 1200 stories from across the world and I can't begin to explain... Continue Reading →

‘Superwomen’? No, Thank you.

Before our timelines start flooding with stories of ‘superwomen’ on this International Women’s Day, here’s something I want to remind all women out there. You are a woman, but primarily you are a human being. On this women’s day, don’t fall for any other tags. When they say women have patience like the earth, what... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Fragile Thread of Hope

If you ask me to describe the book The Fragile Thread of Hope, I would say this.  Pain etched in every single word The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri is a novel that's themed around personal losses, childhood trauma, tragedies, and how people bounce back from them. It's the story of Fiona and Soham and how they are... Continue Reading →

Live the Struggle

If you want your life to be Anything better than the mediocre Then be prepared to meet the Struggle The Struggle isn't easy, it isn't kind It snarls at your face, first thing in the morning Insecurity and diffidence are breakfast in bed. The Struggle is like the purgatory, It lures you back into mainstream... Continue Reading →

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