Day 8: Roadkill – Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 Diary of Sub Inspector Nagaraj, Electronics City Police Station 30th January 2018, Monday For the past three days, I have been searching for that last person in the group photo I found in Vishal Mishra’s house. I asked Vishal’s family first. His parents had no clue about the person.... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Roadkill (Part -2)

Click here for Roadkill Part -1 Diary of Sub Inspector Nagaraj, Electronics City Police Station 18th January 2018, Thursday There has been one more death on the NICE road.  It’s another doctor this time. He, too, had died early in the morning. He, too, had been frightened to death. But there is no proof except... Continue Reading →

Day 6: Roadkill – Part 1

I am lying on the side of the NICE road. The chilly, Bangalore wind rolling onto my carcass. It passes through the hollows where my heart, lungs, and kidneys once had been. Every breeze brings up the miasma of rotten flesh mixed with formaldehyde. I remember my undersized grave, and about all those years, I... Continue Reading →

Day 15: Akeldama

“Pardon me, rabboni” Judas shrieked as the noose tightened. It didn’t finish him instantly. Judas counted thirty seconds, one for each piece of silver. His body juddered on the Cercis tree. He heard the crack of the whip and the wail of his rabboni. *Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? * The Cercis tree rained pink flowers.... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Puff Pastry

Anamika, with all her might, folded the dough in front of her. The dough remained stony and adamant, just like the heart of a miser. She pushed and punched it – but the dough refused to budge. “You have just under 40 minutes to go!” Chef Vikas’ voice startled Anamika and brought her back from... Continue Reading →

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