Zenana1 Deorhi was a honeycomb with many queen bees. From outside the complex jalis, the zenana looked like a quiet place, full of beauty and grace. But inside, it buzzed with disgruntled murmurs, noisy altercations, and jealous confrontations. A dense, bitter fluid of insecurity filled its cells. There were invisible walls of pride and position.... Continue Reading →

A Latte with Literati – Khyati Gautam

Meet Khyati Gautam - A 24-year-old bookaholic who aspires to become a content nerd. Khyati belongs to the beautiful city of lakes, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She loves reading books and creatively bringing out their essence. Khyati is a dreamer and a storyteller and desires to live the life of a vagabond, collecting stories 🙂 I... Continue Reading →

A Latte with Literati – Nupur Lakhe

Nupur Lakhe describes herself in three words - Dreamer, Writer, and Reader. Being a book reviewer perfectly combines her love for reading and writing. Nupur is always drawn by great story telling, and when not reading she loves to tell stories - fact and fiction. She loves it when her book reviews convinces a reader to pick up a book. Nupur has been featured on media like BuzzFeed, and her writings have been published in Delhi Poetry Slam and Prohze Online. Let's dive into this amazing interview with Nupur Lakhe.

A Latte with Literati – Mridula Gupta

Meet Mridula Gupta, the founder of the book blog, Ecstatic yet Chaotic. She also owns the popular Instagram handle @ecstatic_yet_chaotic. Mridula is a social media manager and content writer. Reading has always been therapeutic for Mridula. One of her goals is to start a newsletter through which she wants to introduce people to Indian Literature and make it accessible. Without much ado, let's hear about Mridula's journey as a reader.

A Latte with Literati – Pallavi Banerjee

Meet Pallavi, mom to an adorable toddler and a voracious reader. She is a bibliophile with a strong affinity to music. She loves reading with a cup of coffee in her hand, listening to music in her balcony. She has a special liking for graphic novels, manga, animes, and thrillers. She is an ambivert, and loves making friends. She is a huge BTS fan. She loves love k-pop, kdramas and boy love shows. She has a huge following of Instagram, around 14k people follow her reviews!

A Latte with Literati – Hari Krishnan

Meet Hari Krishnan Prasath, an Indian bookstagrammer who was featured on the BuzzFeed website. His Instagram handle @theobviousmystery is focused on book reviews and has thousands of followers. He is an MBA graduate, who has made a career in marketing. He loves talking about books and suggesting books to like-minded readers. His mission is to encourage more people to pick up books and for the right reasons. Let's dive into Hari's journey as a successful book reviewer.

A Latte with Literati – Sarath Babu

Meet Sarath Babu, the founder of Sarath Babu's Lifestyle Blog and one of the top book book reviewers of India. He is an MBA and MCA Holder and also a social media marketer. Apart from being an avid reader and reviewer, he is a philatelist and a numismatist. He also loves collecting pens, watches, scale model cars, posters and autographs.

A Latte With Literati – Swapna Peri

Meet Swapna Peri - a full-time book reviewer, an author, and a former SAP technical consultant. In this candid interview with Swapna, author Salini Vineeth is trying to understand Swapna's reading habits and her process as a book reviewer. Without much ado, let's dive into the interview.

Envy – the most destructive emotion

Envy is the most destructive emotion I have ever come across. It’s a dangerous concoction of different emotions – anger, fear, sadness, and hatred. While anger, fear, and sadness may have a negative impact on us, envy is the fire from hell. Most often, we are envious of people we know and admire. That makes... Continue Reading →

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