Day 7: Roadkill (Part -2)

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Diary of Sub Inspector Nagaraj, Electronics City Police Station

18th January 2018, Thursday

There has been one more death on the NICE road.  It’s another doctor this time. He, too, had died early in the morning. He, too, had been frightened to death. But there is no proof except for the forensic ones. I mean the similar post mortem reports. The first accident itself is fishy. My initial guess was that the first victim had slept off. Then I interviewed his widow. She says her husband slept sound the previous night, as he needed to perform surgery early the next morning. It was on his way to the hospital, he had met with the accident. He might have died even before the car rammed into the side rails. On the road, there are no tire marks, no signs of him trying to break.  That isn’t very common in accident cases. Even if the driver sleeps off for a while, most of the time, they break hard before the collision. It was like this person didn’t even try to prevent the accident. Even with all those doubts, we were planning to conclude it as an accident. But with the second accident, it seems too much of a coincidence to me. The accident happened in NICE road, in another stretch, of course, but the details were the same. The second victim also showed symptoms of fear, and he died of a stroke. However, there is one thing new about this accident.  The doctor who died is the same one who panicked and screamed in the lift the other day. I don’t know if it is related. But it seems that he did look terrified after the lift incident. The nurses say he trembled in between surgeries. I have sent both of their phones to forensic to check if someone was blackmailing them. If I don’t find the evidence soon, the department might decide to abandon the case. There are so many cases at hand. But I feel I need to pursue this.


I waited for him on the highway, almost the same place as my first kill. I just waited to see if he gets down from his car. But he didn’t. He hasn’t changed. I gave them ten years to change. Still, he didn’t change. It means, time to die. This time I crouched in on the front seat, right next to him. I placed my hand over him on the gear. I saw him shuddering and taking his hands off. Blood drained off from his face, he turned his face, repulsed. It was time to show him my face- the pallid face whitened by formaldehyde and years of underground, staying in the grave, waiting for my time. The car is wobbling. He has lost control of the steering. I hold his hand; it is sweaty and cold. I put my face right in front of his, his screaming stops. It is so silent again. I ask my question. “Why haven’t you changed?” the car turns left, hits something. Flames go up, I get up from the front seat and walk away. Three down and one more to go.  Everyone gets an equal chance!

Diary of Sub Inspector Nagaraj, Electronics City Police Station

23rd   January 2018, Monday

Another similar accident. This time it’s on the 100 feet road in Indiranagar.  It would have gone unnoticed if the forensic surgeon hadn’t noticed a pattern. Unlike the first two victims, the third one is a restaurant owner from Indiranagar. He, too, had a massive heart attack and had rammed into a roadside shop early morning. No tire marks, no attempts to brake the vehicle. The incident has already leaked into the media. I saw the City News report on Sunday. These useless journalists have brought in a ghost angle to it. “Ghost on the NICE road – the story of a double murder” – I don’t know how they can write bullshit and get away with it. Thankfully they haven’t sniffed out the third murder. A ghost is killing people! What bullshit is that? Then every person ever murdered would have come back as a ghost and take care of the justice!

Reminder: Talk to the landlord about the chemical smell. Maybe some drain nearby has broken. But, the entire apartment is reeking with that smell.


He is so busy writing. Look at me, I tell him. He looks around, frightened. I didn’t like the way he tossed that newspaper. The report was good. It gave me due credit. But this inspector, he too adamant to believe in me. He will never find the truth if he refuses to believe. I need him to find the truth. I want him to tell the world. The wind is blowing strongly through the open window in front of his desk. A branch falls on the electric line. The power goes off. He is stumbling across to find the emergency lamp. I light a match and show him my face. He stands there, no emotions on his face. I tell him that I exist – even if he doesn’t want to believe. I challenge him to find out why I killed them. Find it, or I will kill you too. The game is fun. I like the smell of his fear. I pine for another kill. But I need to wait. He falls on the floor like a loose dress. I pick him up and put him on his bed. You are not my enemy. I will not harm you. I have another kill waiting for me.

Diary of Sub Inspector Nagaraj, Electronics City Police Station

24th January 2019, Tuesday

I had a strange dream yesterday. I don’t remember when I went to bed at night. I vaguely remember the power going off. But I don’t remember when I went to bed. The dream was so strange. I saw a face – It looked like a child’s face, but it was horrid and maleficent. I usually don’t see dreams. Maybe I was too preoccupied with these deaths. The mystery is killing me. I can’t stop thinking about the third accident. I need to find out if there is a connection between the first two and this. If I cannot find a connection, all these cases will be closed as just accidents. Even the department wants to close them. None of their kins has filed a complaint. But I feel a kind of fear. I can’t tell it to the CI, but I feel that someone is tagging me all the time. I can’t explain it, but I feel like being watched. I feel like there is some burden on my shoulder; it pains some times. I think if I solve these cases, I might finally be free.


This one has changed; hence he will live. It was challenging to let go of him. The intoxication of the kill is too difficult to get out of. But I had given myself a promise. I didn’t want to be unfair. That’s why I waited for so long. I wanted them to grow up, know better, and give them one more chance. Even though it was difficult. Unless you aren’t dead, you cannot know what limbo is. It’s worse than dying. You can’t do anything if you pass from this world to the other. but, if you chose to be in the limbo, you have the power of both the worlds, but it’s like killing yourself over a thousand times. Like a vulture eating you alive. But I did it anyway. I just have one more to go.  Let me see if he has changed. If he has changed, then he will live too. Else he will be a roadkill. Then I will be free again.

Diary of Sub Inspector Nagaraj, Electronics City Police Station

26th January 2019, Thursday

There was another accident. This time, again, a doctor. It fits the pattern so well. All the earlier accidents took place at remote stretches of the NICE road, but this one took place hardly 500 meters after the toll plaza. I am sure they have some traffic cameras. I did a thorough background check of all four victims. All three doctors who have been killed seems to have studied in the same college. That’s the connection between the three of them. But the restaurant owner is still an enigma. How does he fit the bill? I wonder. I need to go to his home and interview the family members soon.


He is getting closer. I like this game. The last kill is over. I want him to come after me and find me. I just don’t want to end up as an open-and-shut case that no one notices. So, the last time, I had put a breadcrumb in his way. Just like Hansel and Gretel. Now, I just want to wait in my pit and watch the show.

Diary of Sub Inspector Nagaraj, Electronics City Police Station

27th January 2019, Friday

It’s been two weeks since the first murder. I am now pretty sure they are murders. I just need to find the modus operandi and the motive. I think with the clue I got from the restaurant owner in Indiranagar. I will be able to find out a connection. I went to the third victim’s house. His name is Vishal Mishra. He is a high-end restaurateur and socialite. He is the kind of guy who might get into trouble. I interviewed friends and family, but I found nothing fishy. They are all a little confused as to why the police are investigating his accidental death. It seems like they have no clue about the other deaths in the series. Anyway, with their permission, I had a look around the house. He has a highly decorated house, and one part of it is a huge photo wall. I found a partial key to the puzzle on that wall. I found an old group photo. A group of youngsters on some beach. I spotted Vishal quickly, and to my great surprise, the other three in the picture were three dead doctors! There’s a fifth one in the picture, but I don’t recognize him. Maybe, he is the key to all this case. I inquired further. Vishal was a medical college drop out. His parents were filthy rich, and he seemed to have lost interest in medicine in the fourth year. I looked at the group photo again. There are five youngsters in the photo, and four of them are dead. I need to find the remaining one. I better warn him.


I have no more patience to wait. The other world is calling me where I need to enter soon. But, I cannot go before everything is revealed. I cannot handle this limbo. I hope the inspector would bite on the breadcrumb I left. Back in that house, I had lead him to the photo wall. I wished I could play along longer. Every day, I am getting weaker. I have no will to stay in this world anymore.

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